Formed in October 2012, HIGH NORTH is an instrumental rock band that combines hypnotic soundscapes with epic riffs. A trio of guitar, drums, and bass / chapman stick, they use a myriad of pedals and effects to create out-of-this-world sounds that are one-third composition, one-third jam, and one-third stream of consciousness. Drawing from psychedelic, space, fusion, and progressive influences, they use projections on stage and frequently go off on musical tangents. Their music transitions between cinematic and dreamy, to exploding walls of sound and alien-infused madness. Every show is different, as they feed off the energy of the audience and the environment. Their chemistry on stage is undeniable, as they are always able to dig deep and venture into unexpected musical landscapes.

Past Venues Include: Union Hall, Revolution Bar, Backdrop, Matchless, The Rock Shop, Alphabet Lounge, The Carriage House Music Festival, Walden Music Festival, Kings County Saloon, Make Music NY, Cameo Gallery, People's Garden, Grand Victory, Bayfest Music Festival, POP Bar, The Spectrum NYC, Fifth Estate, Fat Baby, Astoria Park Music Fesitval, Leftfield on Ludlow, Bay Ridge Music Festival, Lit Lounge, Desmonds, Spike Hill, Bushwick Music Festival, Parkside Lounge, and many others.

Scott Laurence - Guitar + Effects
Jeremy Nesse - Chapman Stick + Bass + Synths
Luke Bifulco - Drums & Percussion
Next show!

March 25th
The Velvet Lounge
10 Woods Corner Rd
East Setauket, NY 11733



“I have to ask about the videos playing in the background (I think we saw Wolverine vs. Predator/ Batman vs. Darth Vader?) I couldn't believe how awesome it was and more importantly how well it went with your music. Where did it come from, how did you choose it and were/are there any others you like to play? We’ve seen many bands use visuals as part of their live show and we always knew it was something we wanted to do. The viewer becomes immersed in the experience. It becomes more than just the music. There's an endless amount of videos that we'd like to use for future shows... Read the full interview here — Jonny Katz, July 2nd, 2015

“High North is a band of dreamers, but are they dreaming the same thing? The answer is no, but that’s a good thing in this particular arrangement. Instrumental music is hard to write and even harder to reproduce in a live setting; to build upon that and improvise while maintaining dynamics is another thing entirely. Guitars are treated with Pink Floyd-esque tones and focus is more on rhythmic consonance than technicality or harmony. No histrionics or unnecessary showmanship here, just vibes. The effects, from electronic delay to the droning harmonies and white noise all serve the idea of a soundscape; at times the guitar lines even lose identity during the more ambient numbers. Bass is slightly loud but this fills the musical vacuum created by a more cautious, thoughtful approach to the guitar.” — Adam K, KANE ENTERPRISES October 1st, 2014

“High North at Cameo: If you're looking to let off some steam Saturday night, Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery will be hosting an aggressive evening of psychedelic rock featuring Brachiosaurus, Giancarlo Bracchi and headliners High North. With band names that all sound like deadly diseases, it's guaranteed to be an interesting night. Cameo Gallery, 93 N. 6th St., Brooklyn; 8pm. $10.” — Mally Espaillat, Lara Casselman and Justin Moran, Paper Mag July 3rd, 2014

“Get in Your Fireworks and Great Music: Top Shows This Weekend: Spend your evening on 5th of July with these extremely epic bands at Cameo Gallery. Enjoy the subtle, sci-fi soundtrack-styles of Brachiosaurus and the post-punk edge-y sounds of High North! If you are quick enough, you could possibly win tickets to this show through here.” — Lauren Piper, Bushwick Daily July 3rd, 2014